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* I have had the pleasure to work with Jose in the past. He has an intuitive understanding of how the body works and is able to hone in on what your needs are. He truly cares for the people he works with and routinely goes above and beyond expectations. If you are looking for someone who will become dedicated to your physical health, look no further. –Rachael Cline

* I have personally experienced quantum elite training first hand ladies and gentlemen! I’ve had private sessions with Mr. Jose Marquez. His training methods are very unique and spontaneous. They leave you wanting to come back for more. Trust me everyone, with his idealistic methods, you are sure to see results. I trained with Mr. Jose Marquez for a number of months, followed his diet plan, and continued repetitively with the workouts. And let me tell you guys i saw maximize results! Mr.Jose Marquez is a great personal trainer, an outstanding friend and a tremendous motivator. I give him 5 stars!. — Janser Llerena

* Jose is a great trainer. I took his yoga classes to help with my flexibility for martial arts, and he helped me improve a lot. He is also a very nice and dedicated person who will do everything to help you reach your fitness goals. — Ross Dayton

* Jose is amazing. I have taken yoga classes from him since 2011. The thing I like about Jose is that he focuses on both inner and outer health. He is the embodiment of a true personal trainer. I look forward to taking yoga classes instructed by Jose again this spring as his Tuesday classes were one of the events I looked forward to most last year. Jose is so fun to be around because of his peaceful demeanor, warmth, enthusiasm, and genuine caring for others. I would highly recommend working with him. –Thomas Joseph

* I’ve known Jose for 3 years and I know I can always rely on him, weather it is a supportive conversation, a piece of advice or help organizing things from overseas. Jose is a very caring and reliable person. His warm heart and general sense of ease and peace are contageous. I did a course of releasing emotional blockages with him and it was very beneficial for me. Jose is very professional and knowledgeable in his area. He’s done lots of training and I could totally trust him during our sessions. Thank you, Jose! —- Olga Oskorbina