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Yoga for Elementary Schools NYC

Our mission is to create an environment where students are able to accomplish

Yoga in schools NYC

Leader Yoga Star

their greatest potential through the application of scientific techniques for emotional management, stress reduction, concentration and physical health”.


Children in schools are facing an increasing amount of pressure from many places everyday. They are making efforts to perform well academically and at the same time they are dealing with classmates influence and pressure. This combination affects them emotionally as well as physically creating a big impact on their lives.

The Yoga Star Program was created to teach students how to manage stress and their emotions effectively by working in the body and in the mind simultaneously, this way they find a most needed balance. It also teaches skills they can learn and practice to make their lives thrive.

Students will learn and practice:

  • Emotion management

  • Stress reduction techniques

  • Team work

  • Leadership

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity and the importance of keeping their word

  • Self-respect

  • Listening effectively

  • Empathy

  • Discipline and self-discipline

  • Concentration

  • Awareness

  • Mindfulness

  • Setting and accomplishing goals

Besides learning yoga, students will have the opportunity to earn “Yoga Star Buttons”, for motivation and as a reward based on their performance in the yoga class, behavior in school, good grades, learning, team work and responsibility.

The “Yoga Star Buttons” are colorful badges that students can wear on their

shirts to show their progress and improvement to classmates and family members.

Students also have the opportunity to receive certificates of achievement based on their overall performance in the class as well as in school.