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Yoga tt NYC

Yogatt is a system for physical, mental and emotional well being which goal is to provide people with a practical Taking Yoga to new levels in NYCtool so they can accomplish balance in all aspects of life.
Yoga tt can be practiced by everyone even if they have no experience with sports, physical exercises or any yoga style.
During the class and with the practice of the exercises balance will improve, the flexibility of the back will increase, as well as of the shoulders, hips and legs, muscles will become stronger.

The class includes:

* Breathing exercises
* Physical conditioning
* Concentration exercises
* Stretching
* Meditation
* Relaxation

A person will learn:

* To manage and reduce stress
* To develop more energy
* To eliminate negative mind states
* How the mind works and how to use it to his benefit
* How to lose weight and how to accomplish an ideal body
* Basic nutrition concepts


* Increased concentration
* Greater physical strength
* Weight loss
* Mind control
* Body detoxification
* Stress reduction
* Physical and mental relaxation
* Greater awareness
* And much more.

People attending the class must bring a yoga mat or beach towel, water and comfortable clothing.